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Originally Posted by aura View Post
I am not sure how "people interfere in the markets and steer things." such have no influence over the monetary policy of a nation.
They can do it by for example bailing out the banks. Or they can do bail-ins like they did in cyprus where they simply reach into peoples bank accounts and take a 'haircut' off their savings

Then there is quantitative easing money printing which devalues currency and sees the savings of middle class people gradually destroyed

The push to digitise currency is to prevent people storing any value outside the banking system. As all transactions would then be digital it would also enable the central authorities to monitor every single transaction that people made. Also peoples accounts could be debited or credited as the central authorities saw fit giving them total power over private citizens

Originally Posted by aura View Post
Its interesting how you claim "there is a conspiracy to deliberately manipulate economies by the central bankers for their own ends" while citing Michael Hudson, a person whom keeps alleging for a Jubilee/ "forgiveness of debt." This has been shown to be a misrepresentation. It was not a "forgiveness of debt," but a forgiveness of sins and transgressions. Money and our contractual obligations would serve no purpose or value should resets be expected, there is no logic in these claims.

Five Myths about Jubilee - Institute for Faith, Work & Economics by Art Lindsley, PhD
There are different ways in which a jubilee could work but the plan of the bankers has been to drown nations and individuals in debt so that the world is brought to a crisis from which the central bankers can then put forward their solution of a central world governement and world bank run by them

So relieving debt is a deliberate and direct undermining of their attempt at forcing debt servitude
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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