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Originally Posted by aura View Post
Its the same principles whether in gold or a digital imitations via Bitcoin. How well did the "Crash Goldman Sachs" campaign work? This was another pumping and dumping operation by Max Keiser.
For that campaign to work it needed enough people to buy silver which they didn't. However those who invested in silver would have seen their investments grow

Also when the central bankers stop artificially suppressing the value of precious metals the price of peoples metals will increase

Originally Posted by aura View Post
If you provide a reference to support such claims that gold had maintained its value and was beneficial to the people. There are sole claims made that a "fine tailored suit, is to be acquired by the same coin ratio" in either period, yet no one which pushes these memes have researched such, as this is also shown to be myths used solely by gold sellers.
gold had value 2000 years ago and it has value today

what was the dollar worth 2000 years ago? it didn't exist then did it?

And what value do you think the dollar will have in 100 years? Let me make a prediction about that: dollars won't exist in 100 years time

Originally Posted by aura View Post
These same people have been reporting on an alleged, "hyper-inflation" scenario, yet none has even occurred, otherwise we would be all overflowing in excessive amounts of money.
The hyper-inflation scenario would occur where US dollar reserves abroad flood back into the US market. here is economist Jim rickards explaining how one such scenario could occur. if this sounds outlandish consider that china has publically called on the world to 'de-dollarise'

Originally Posted by aura View Post
This is why people require and push for ideas of a "basic income" support.
no the reason people have pushed the UBI idea is because millions of people are going to be laid off in the coming years due to automation. This means that the state wishes to then feed those people through UBI which will be like a large scale food bank system to stave off mass hunger and the civil unrest that would bring

I believe UBI will be used as a carrot to tempt the public into NWO state-dependency and as a transitional step towards totalitarian control under a command and control economy and surveillance panpopticon technocracy
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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