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Originally Posted by aura View Post
Please provide an example where I had made an error. I have no attention for a person such as Mike Maloney, one whom is only out to pump and dump his holdings. Currency is represented has legal tender and is regulated by law. "Precious Metals" so-called are not treated as money until they have been rendered by law, as for its value being "fixed."
Money does not need to be recognised by law it only needs to be recognised by the individuals using it. So regardless of what the rothschild controlled government decreed if you as a private citizen wanted to swap a gold coin with a local farmer for food and that farmer acknowledged the value of the gold coin then the transaction could take place

All fiat currencies have gone to zero eventually whereas precious metals are still valuable today which is why many countries are hoarding gold to prepare for a day when the dollar crashes

The central banking authorities know this which is why they are looking to discourage private ownership of gold because they want everyone tied to the fiat currency system which they control hence why in india the government is seeking to confiscate private gold as their citizens have for centuries understood the usefulness of gold as a store of value:

India Confiscates Gold, Even Jewelry, In Raids On Hidden Money
by Tyler Durden
Dec 8, 2016 3:25 AM

Global financial repression picks up steam, led by India. After declaring large denomination notes illegal, India now targets gold. It’s not just gold bars or bullion. The government has raided houses, no questions asked, confiscating jewelry. For background to this article, please see my November 27 article Cash Chaos in India, 86% of Money in Circulation Withdrawn; Cash Still King in Japan. Large denomination means 500-rupee ($7.30) and 1,000-rupee notes ($14.60), which account for more than 85 percent of the money supply. They are no longer legal tender, effective immediately.
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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