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Originally Posted by aura View Post
"The Secret Of Oz" is another works of fiction presented, as "history" by Bill Still.

In the "documentary" which was influenced by Ellen Brown's 2007 book, entitled; "The Web Of Debt" both authors openly misrepresent the work and intentions of why L. Frank Baum had wrote, "The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz." They present Baum has a populist, a supporter of William Jennings Bryan and claim he advocated an alleged, "Debt Free" monetary solution. L. Frank Baum was never a populist, he wrote supportive not to William Jennings Bryan(D) but for the opposition in, William McKinley(R). Baum had never supported a "Debt Free" monetary reform, he openly called for a return to the "Gold Standard" seen by his poems and writings at the time.

Bill Still is not a creditable person, he is notorious for misrepresenting people in history to push his worldview upon his audiences, as seen in the above examples. See below by Baum scholar, Michael Patrick Hearn.

'Oz' Author Never Championed Populism:

Professor of Economics, Bradly A. Hansen (University of Mary Washington) in his 2002 essay, "The Fable of the Allegory; The Wizard of Oz in Economics"
A number of points here...

First of all there are powerful central banking forces who want to discredit bill still because they are terrified that people will start arguing for what bill wants which is for the power to create money to be taken out of the hands of private banks and put back into the hands of the government treasury department

Concerning Baum i personally couldn't give a damn about his views on things as he was a childrens story writer....he is simply used by still as a backdrop to a certain period of history that Still wants to speak about. That is Bills interpretation of the work of literature known as 'the wizard of Oz'

If people wanted to understand Baums work on a deeper level i would personally point them towards theosophy not economics
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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