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Originally Posted by aura View Post
You are only posting conspiracy sources iamawaveofthesea.
No i'm not! One of the clips i posted was of an economics professor michael hudson

However there IS a conspiracy by the central bankers to destroy the current capitalist system so that they can justify the creation of an ever more centralised and globalised infrastructure. This is what they have done AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN where they themselves have orchestrated crises and then used those crises to argue for more centralised control

Lets look here at a paper created by the bank of england itself which explains that what 'conspiracy theorists' have been saying all this time is true and that banks create money from nothing when they ceate loans:

Money creation in the moderneconomy
By Michael McLeay, Amar Radia and Ryland Thomas of the Bank’s Monetary Analysis Directorate.

This article explains how the majority of money in the modern economy is created by commercial
banks making loans.
• Money creation in practice differs from some popular misconceptions — banks do not act simply
as intermediaries, lending out deposits that savers place with them, and nor do they ‘multiply up’
central bank money to create new loans and deposits.
• The amount of money created in the economy ultimately depends on the monetary policy of the
central bank. In normal times, this is carried out by setting interest rates. The central bank can
also affect the amount of money directly through purchasing assets or ‘quantitative easing’.
read on here

Originally Posted by aura View Post
The only time gold "holds its value" is when fixed by Law, study the history. The "value" even when fixed by law has been altered and changed multiple-times simply because gold has never provided a monetary "standard" as stated either by its supply or value. Maloney spends his time telling people metals are going to raise and the world is imploding so buy from me...
In the past during times of crisis people would bury their gold and sometimes those people were then unable for whatever reason to return to their stash. Centuries later when that hoard is then found by someone it makes that person rich.

This is because gold has held its value. Gold has intrinisic value as it can be used in industry and also for jewelry
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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