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Default Our our mysterious moon…

I’m hoping in David’s new book about the Moon he goes into the history of its origin and when it arrived in our space. There are various mentions of a time when the Moon did not orbit our Earth; this is mentioned in Taino and Arawak Indian legend and in Greek ( ) and Sumerian legend also.

Another curious item is the global change in the calendars of the Earth. Bill Hollen has informative articles on the change in the world’s calendars from 360 days per year prior to the 8th century BC to 365 and 1/4 days per year at and at eighth.html. Also see "Catastrophism and the Old Testament" by Donald Patten, pages 42-43. Prior to the 8th century BC I believe the Earth had an orbit slightly closer to the Sun, as well as 360 days per year.

It is my opinion that with the introduction of the Moon in our space and in its binary planet relationship that it caused Earth’s tilt and thereby reduced its Schumann’s resonance from 8 Hz to 7.83 Hz. Of course 8 is the numerological number signifying ‘interconnectiveness with All’ and is the symbol for Infinity vertically aligned.
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