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I tend to feel that Feb 11th is the beginning of the last cycle.. according to the Tzolkin, Feb 11 2011 is called "One Imox"
the 'Galactic Tone' is 1 (One / Unity) -and the Sun Sign for that day is Imox * Imix (Crocodile)

'One' is the beginning of all things. It is the first, the whole, and the ALL...

'Crocodile' receives messages of primal creative force.
Simply the beginning of all things.

Feb 11th is also 260 days from Oct 28th, and that makes more sense in the day and night schedule ... although with the schumann resonanace collapsing, time would theoretically be shortened, so as to make the March date be a reasonable consideration also..

... i dont really know if any of it makes a lick of sense.. but speculatively..

it is interesting stuff
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