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Originally Posted by smurf View Post
Fish people? Really?
Well I'll just go ahead and address the Greys having "fish eyes". I've heard a theory that the blackness of their eyes is actually due to a protective cover over their eyes. Think of it as sunglasses in a way.
That sounds more plausible than an upright Fish Man, in my opinion.

The Egyptians worshiped cats. That doesn't mean cats are bipedal, now does it?
Some of the "gods" described in Ezekiel in the Old testament were described as having some of the characteristics of a lion/cat, with wings nonetheless. (alot of Mesopotamian sculptures depicting this type of celestial being come to mind)...The Sphinx is very similar to this description as well. Who know's? Maybe due to genetic splicing or what have you or plain old shape shiftery, some of the Annunaki appeared to early humans as "cat like".
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