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This my friend Big A. an back in the day there. when my friends found out i could do this. several jump at the opportunity's that were presented to them. I was very much leavening what i consider to be my home town.

After i had glyph'ed Hendrix n Morrison. Scooter n Big had different condition's n I had my condition's. Which these works would be always displayed on off. Scooter Scot .H. didn't want to be glyph'ed. an Big Andrew. P did want to be glyph. there is also Scot .Mac. which we will see later.

I know there history up to that time. the 2 Scot i known since late teens. So I know these people best seconds an there lowest. From personal friendship's

So my close friends find out i can do something.... New after 30 years of knowing. all this was devolved late teens n early 20's Small patters of developments lead me in to all of this.


The Beatles - Glass Onion

Originally Posted by polyhedron View Post
Holy Shit.
I tend to agree with u on every level polyhedron. hehehe...... including .... Holy Chit

The Beatles - Rain

Skys you lost it.... probably not so but, it sound good just the same.

took a bit to find this one...

The Beatles - Devil In Her Heart

A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz

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