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Originally Posted by fudgetusk View Post
what's your point Cinder?
in Scooters case
It this shows the reality of a simple a adopted. is very important to that thing we call god.

So very much involved with his life. so much that his true birthing family is still present in his life. an symbiotic in his life. Even while he smoking pot.

This is how non judgement these things are.

tell me do u see the Gray standing in front of him. do u see his tree of life......

Much love fudgetusk. thank you for your comment.

The bottom line is I can read you. ICU. God see you. any one even u. with out magic. with out BS. God give us the freedom of choice as part of evolution make up. Its built in.

Not one person has asked me to glyph them on site.

An when I ordered the deaths of haters No one question me. Not so much as a peep came out any ones mouth. But this .... This u have a question.

makes me kind of wonder there fudgetusk.

See fudgetask. in the back of your mind you want the end of hate. And that why you an every one said nothing.

As I sentenced them to death When I do something like that. People just expect this from me as the AO. With out question.

from that 1 choice on evil. your not beaning killed by terrorists.

they run from a common person. for fear of beaning ID as that kind of low mentality.

Guns n' Roses - You Could Be Mine
All this just shows. how far i am willing to go. to fix these problems. n that I can n will.

A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz

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