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Default I read people. Like you read books.

How can I sum up this section. As i will need this space.

How can I explain. So another human person can understand. these little fragments of, what we call.

The glory of of God's kingdom as we call it.

pretty much unknown to people ; I believe I said this only once. in 1 topic.

this for those people who ask how well do I know my subject matter. an for how long did I know the facts ;

All mars matter is shot n seen as you n I looking up. Its very what hell see. This includes ALL GLYPH's base on human or any other critters. Planets stars system.

view up at the light. an when i do human glyph's. I know every thing about that person. afact more because i can see cause an effect. in time. human all human no matter how smart think on a liner level the human mind set.

Constantine (2005) - The Chair

Skys ; Sleeping with angels.

I can see all the ca'fuckery or if a planets alive or dead, or ever held life, with this I can see heaven or hell any anything in betwixt-ed. An so can God.
A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz

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