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constantine visits hell

Drowning Pool - Bodies

82-Year-Old Man Covers DROWNING POOLS "Bodies" on Americas Got Talent!

Constantine Diner Scene

Please keep in mind i am not refereeing to my self, in these video's. They only sever to presence a concept. which i think the arts work well for the over all ideology's in question. the fictional video Constantine Matrix subject matter works.

That beaning said I do not believe in dimension, to luck. I certainly do not believe any thing is around us is random.

So much so even that which we think is random.NOT try to plan as random. Is pre- planed in the back of the mind. driven buy inlay'ed per-programmed behaviors. Father to son. Mother to daughter

The world behind the world. I think its nature. not a different world. Its what n who we are

Doctor who posses a question in Peter last show as this Doctor. an it posse by the 1st Doctor as the round about reason for why he started. Peter Character. forgets his place Hard face but a big heart. Just don't brake that heart. Or face the All the Doctor's wrath

Question survival ; Why dose Good win over Evil.

Why dose good win. Common sense. is a basic forum of UNITY.
Common sense. is the only thing that can defeat an false IDEOLOGY.

All the amounts of bullets ever spent. Not 1 bullet ever killed an IDEA

Common sense. With the facts. They drop like flys

Sky's ; that there sum pretty heavy chit around my man Scooter. He was adopted. a old friend who changed his life around. Yes well apparently something has an interests in this man.
A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz

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