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The Guess Who- Running Back To Saskatoon / Share The Land

imagine ; Canada stand to lose 1 trillion dollar in lost revenue because of trade. I am sure we will find others to trade with. after the problem are settle in North Korea maybe they like to join the real world. an we may sell them the steel wood oil product you don't need any more. You know after we go in talk to the man. find why all this shit has to be. could take years. I am sure we can come to some kind of understanding.

Wow ism't that something;... Canada earned its 1st trillion dollars off pop sales. A luxury tax with a population under 38 million people. free trade if it existed back then. Was in a infant stage at best. Pretty cool times really. a person could hitch a ride an see our whole nation safely.

Manfred Mann - Blinded by the Light

Now if Canada stands to lose 2 trillion over the next 2 year. That would mean The US of A stands to lose over 10 trillion dollars Mexico probably about 750 billion dollars. n over 2 years that 10 trillion dollars would core double n + the banker payment those lost revenues.
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all of this get worst the more radius is spread out throw out the world.


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