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To days post is a bit more personal ;

over the passed few months an week I produced a lot of art. much of it produced right here. at the time for the post I have made.

while making these post is ex-spells a lot of energy form me. in a religious sense I would think this is what is mean by in sprite.

so I am generally physical tier. a normal day i can care on as normal. Enjoy a game something. to distract me which I enjoy more, arts.

So over the last few weeks I had a dream n honestly i'm not really sure it was a dream in the sense we dream.

late after noon i slept about 2 hours.

I find my self on my back behind my bed room door.
With my feet propped up on the door. in order to hold it shut.

As shinny hand an arm comes throw hold some-kind of object.

I slam the door on his wrist an hand. to find it appeared behind bearing a mouth of teeth EVERY thing go's BLACK an I awake to the memory.

- This is a very human interaction with what is unknown. in a dream like state.

If you seen the movie Fire in the Sky. there is a summitry to the event. in the movie he dealing with Grays. What I'm describing is a Shiner or a High Gray. We seen these in at lest 2 YouTube video's. one the best movies to see what I describe as a Shiner is the movie Cocoon. the main difference is there forum is actual a part grays species and, not human

My believe is they are part of the cradle systems Or what known as the 7 sister system an to be here they would have had to travel about 480 LY to get to Earth.

So he came pretty far to find out I am afraid of him n get hand slammed in my door. he also learned I can surprise he she an that I will fight.

We also seen these in Mar's art imagery In Mar's IMAGERY these shiners are are Always a representative of the greater power. The man. top dog da bigwig.

It shows sub consciously That me I as a human do not trust these things.
other wise they would been able to just walk in sit down an have a nice little chat

The importance of what we have learn throw arts should not be diminished or demeaned The fears generated an our behaviors are all part of that time looping event. An how we all behave under those condition's. do we fall backward to those old ways that do not work did not nor are they likely to work. Or do we take what we learned an pass that on. by word of mouth.

Make the world a better place demand the world be a better place. throw logical fact understanding. Are my eye deceiving me. do I trust what I have see. are questions only your self can response to. All I can say is 1 in 1,000 might gain that truth in understanding

I doughy people realize that the elements which removed my arts. have been here for some time.

We see these people even in the face of these works.
fight to keep that light from shinning.

It poss's 1 question. Why are you afraid. They are afraid because they have offended something. Probably the very same reasons I am. Seek an escape. There is no escape from Death. My vessel will die to.

ha I mean give all this don't you think I like to escape it as well. But to escape it means escaping life. and if your not a live it makes us dead. This what I mean there is a system. this system is shown in countless human clutters. an the likeness are real remarkable

I wonder who or how many can see the looping effect. based whole on primitive human behaviors. the same behaviors of Moses days

I am Hugh

Skys I hope this help you understand me bit better. I do not view the world as you do. I would not want to
A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz

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