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We have a lot work educating people about hate an how it used how it works. to kill off groups of people. without trial with out repercussions.

This tactic is a stone-age mentally. It shows the under developed mental frame of mind.

The governing system is geared to profit off these bullets an body bags sales. The people that pay the cost. are you n me our children

This mind set is what they use to sell bullets an body bags of who. The people who never pay the cost with there children.

In the west where its a now civil duty to destroy hate. As proclaimed by the AO. shell we see how many attacks we have had.


seem to me most of these places are out ear shout of David site.

Melee attack 0 0 (+1) Amsterdam, Netherlands A man carrying a Palestinian flag attacked a Jewish restaurant in Amsterdam with a club while shouting 'Allahu akbar', during the clashes in Palestine. There were no injuries in the attack as the restaurant was not in business yet, but some damage was caused. The attacker was injured by police when he resisted arrest.[23] Palestinian Nationalist Terrorism in Europe
7 Shooting 5 5 Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine One Ukrainian military officer was killed and three others wounded in the Donetsk Oblast at noon. Later in the evening four Ukrainian soldiers were killed (at Vodiane, Kamianka, and Travneve), and two soldiers were wounded.[24] Pro-Russian Separatists (suspected) War in Donbass
Arson attack 0 0 Gothenburg, Sweden Several people launched burning objects against a synagogue in the center of Gothenburg. No injuries were reported. The attackers fled.[39] Palestinian Nationalists (suspected) Terrorism in Europe

these groups are hate groups. to say this is about this or that is somatic. it all = the same chit. a bunch of dead people.

500 million left what dose that = in math per sq mile on the earth just few 100 years. 2 or 3 generations tops
this is in recovery. all we had to do was speak up to stop it.

You say that awful Sky's how can u say or believe this will happen. Well its worst. ACCORDING to my book those people wont be back.

I don't believe that Sky's It dose NOT matter what u or I believe. that what the imagery shows

When I go to god I be walking across the skulls I have killed. all the haters that you have killed. That how clear it is to what we call god. an the book of life. my life book. all of per-shown per lay'ed out before the events took place. shown here in fact.

This line always confused me. because I never killed any one. But my own words have. This shows the level of accountability you an I are under.

but by making that statement on hate. It place's it in the category of HATE is Evil. Hate should be killed. if the people who lead us can not do it. then we must.

Why is HATE Evil ; The AO say so.

If u take out n kill one his creation when u get to him he will know what you have done. your excuses are meanness. as are my excuses

If you taken the time your self to kill off these things we call God's creations. I am sure he would like to thank you personally. I would not expect to be coming back. X'ed out.

a huge pile of soul beaning X'ed out would account for that population decrease. what would be needed to make it happen is WAR on a catastrophic level.

The matrix is a funny thing. to me it like reading people. its some I do an understand.

people who don't understand an or fear are the people trying to escape the inescapable. What I have shown a talking walking monkey...... is never going to escape from. you wouldn't exist with out it. So there is no escape. With all I know. I know of NO believe No idea. No plan. that can every give any one an escape root. There are NO DEAL's.
There never was

Its like the Flat Earther trying spine there wheels oh look I remover the water see its not round. It also not the Earth with out water. Oh look its not round. well dip shit its not flat ether.

Believe is NEVER a fact. Oh it can be. maybe some day.

but for to day. The facts are available. believe is NOT needed. REPLACE by FACTS. Those facts come in the forum of imagery Which make them ART.

Skys If there 1 thing I can tell about people. NO one cares about evil people.

Elvis Presley-Wear My Ring Around Your Neck

bindings of those chains
A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz

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