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Default New city conception

Bobby Pickett "Monster Mash"

I prepossess We design a realistic modern city's. which are design for space industry. self contain an design for education at the grass roots of all designs centered for a extra terrestrial mass other then Earth. example ; Large body in space

I suggest that there are many environment in Canada which could support a NEWLY built city under adverse condition's. Which would include under-sea

I also suggest an AI development as a locate governing system. where by all system go throw the AI. AI-self aware < what i'm talking about is 500 year child hood for AI to self aware. an setting a place for them be fore full devoplement. Would be used to help with something that is lacking from every governing system. correct moral choices.

I robot ;
Difference Engine

This would work best with global support. mean every nation would be invited to contribute to these goals

This is a very short forum to these idea's. Based on the current world. an what I KNOW is coming.

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