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Women often weep when they say goodbye. It's just state-orchestrated emotional manipulation that makes it worse that a Jewish woman in WWII weeps when saying goodbye than when a non-Jewish woman in 2011 weeps when saying goodbye.

It was war. Lots and lots of people had bad things happen to them. Lots of women cried for lots of good reasons.

Deportation and massacres? Do you have any idea what happened to x million ethnic Germans after WWII was officially over? Not to mention what happened during the war.

How do you feel about the Czechs burning German children alive? Ever read about that in the MSM or seen it in a Hollywood movie? No tears for them from the Jews. But a Jewish woman crying at a train station? Oh lordy, how terrible! What a catastrophe!

Originally Posted by lightgiver View Post
Almost all of the people deported were murdered on or shortly after April 11, 1944, when the train carrying them reached Auschwitz-Birkenau
Where is the proof?

lightgiver - you can't simply believe everything you hear. You need to have a skeptical mind and research everything for yourself.

The so-called holocaust never happened. And that's a good thing. It's a good thing that millions of Jews were not exterminated. At least I view it that way no matter how much I generally dislike Jews. What is a bad thing however - is how a whole nation has been vilified and punished for half a century for a crime they never committed. While the crimes of the Allies against the Germans are passed by in silence.

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