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I agree - those guys shouldn't have been in the camps. And such camps shouldn't have existed. I'm sure even the Nazis would agree with me about that.

Striped pajamas? Well, I don't think that ever hurt anybody. If you have a camp you need to be able to tell the difference between the inmates and the staff.

What about shaved heads? A necessity. If you wanna keep people healthy. Lice was a big problem.

What needs to be understood is that the Nazis could have just killed them all had they wanted to. But they didn't. They gave them clean, warm clothes, hygiene, good food and heated barracks. And far better care than most people in the world today get when they are put in a prison or concentration camp.

Honestly - if I were some working class guy in Germany or Poland in WWII Auschwitz is where I would have liked to have been. There I was guaranteed an OK place to sleep, good food, hygienic conditions and access to a doctor. And most importantly: there I wouldn't have bombs falling on my head.

As a matter of fact - many regular working class people went to camps like Auschwitz to get paid work. Some of those we see in the photos are in fact people who went there voluntarily. Their conditions were not very different from the conditions of the Jews and others who were taken there by force.

You'd be hard pressed today to find any kind of work camp/concentration camp/prison with as good conditions as those that were in the Nazi camps.

People were executed on the battlefield? Of course they were. It was war! Do you think the German Nazis could just walk around and hand out flowers to people? To people who tried to kill them?

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