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Arrow Wickers World

B-side "Bring the Boys Back Home..
Further troop movements including the arrival of U.S. 45th Infantry Division and U.S. 1st Armored Division, brought Allied forces total on the beachhead to 69,000 men, 508 guns and 208 tanks by January 29, whilst the total defending Germans had risen to 71,500..Lucas initiated a 2-pronged attack on January 30.. While one force was to cut Highway 7 at Cisterna before moving east into the Alban Hills, a second was to advance northeast up the Via Anziate towards Campoleone..By early February German forces in Fourteenth Army numbered some 100,000 troops organised into two Army Corps, the 1st Parachute Corps under Schlemm and the LXXVI Panzer Corps under Lieutenant General Traugott Herr.. Allied forces by this time totalled 76,400 (including the recently arrived British 56th Infantry Division, under Major-General Gerald Templer, which arrived complete on February 16)..After making exploratory probes on the Campoleone salient on the afternoon of February 3 the German forces launched a full counterattack at 23:00 in order to reduce the salient and "iron out" the front line..On February 16 the Germans launched a new offensive (Operation Fischfang) down the line of the Via Anziate, supported by Tiger tankhs.. They overran the 167th Brigade, of the recently arrived 56th (London) Division, and virtually destroyed X Company of the 8th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, which was reduced from around 125 down to a single officer and 10 other ranks and Y Company was down to one officer and 10 men.. One of the men killed was Second Lieutenant Eric Waters, whose son Roger Waters created a song (When the Tigers Broke Free) in memory of his father and describes his death..

You Only Live Twice Special ..

007 James Bond - Whicker's World 1967..

Eric Fletcher Waters, fusilier serving with Company Z, 8th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) of 167th Infantry Brigade, 56th Infantry Division, and "the generals gave thanks / As the other ranks / Held back the enemy tanks for a while" and "the Anzio bridgehead was held for the price / Of a few hundred ordinary lives" as the Tigers eventually broke through the British defence, killing all of Company Z.. Denis Healey — later a Labour Party Defence Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer — was the Military Landing Officer for the British assault brigade at Anzio..There is a story that a war orphan named "Angelita" became a platoon mascot but was killed just a few days later..Pte. Christopher S. Hayes of the 2nd Battalion, Royal Scots Fusiliers, serving in 17th Brigade of British 5th Infantry Division, claimed to have found her and 20 years later, he asked for information from the mayor of Anzio..BBC reporter Alan Whicker was at Anzio..

When the Tigers Broke Free - Length 3:17..

Churchill had continued to bridle at Lucas' perceived passivity.. He had written on February 10 to General Alexander encouraging him to exert his authority and Alexander had visited the beachhead on February 14 to tell Lucas he wished for a breakout as soon as the tactical situation allowed..On February 16 at a high level conference hosted by Alexander and attended by Clark and Wilson, commander AFHQ it was decided to appoint two deputies under Lucas, Lucian Truscott and the British Major-General Vyvyan Evelegh..Both sides had realised that no decisive result could be achieved until the spring and reverted to a defensive posture involving aggressive patrolling and artillery duels whilst they worked to rebuild their fighting capabilities..In March, the 2nd Italian SS "Vendetta" Battalion and 29th Italian SS Rifle Battalion were sent to fight against the Anglo-American forces at the Anzio beachhead..The next few weeks saw many changes in divisions on both sides..7th Ox & Bucks of 167th (London) Brigade - had been reduced from 1,000), by British 5th Infantry Division..At 05:45 on 23 May 1944, 1,500 Allied artillery pieces commenced bombardment..Although VI Corps had suffered over 3,300 casualties in the 3 days fighting, Operation Buffalo was going to plan, and Truscott was confident that a concerted attack by 1st Armored and 3rd Infantry Divisions the next day would get his troops astride Route 6..On the evening of 25 May Truscott received new orders from Clark via his Operations Officer, Brigadier General Don Brand.. These were, in effect, to implement Op Turtle leaving 3rd Division to continue towards Valmontone with 1st Special Service Force in support..

On 2 June the Caesar Line collapsed under the mounting pressure, and 14th Army commenced a fighting withdrawal through Rome..When the Caesar C Line defences, manned by the German 14th Army, were breached by the U.S. Fifth Army on 30 May 1944, following the breakout from Anzio, the road to Rome was finally opened.. The Germans retreated to their next line of defence, the Trasimene Line where the 14th Army re-aligned with the German 10th Army before withdrawing to the formidable defences of the Gothic Line..Volume 5 of Churchill's The Second World War is riddled with implied criticism of Lucas, blaming the failure of Operation Shingle on his caution..Furthermore,General Alexander in his Official Despatch was to say "the actual course of events was probably the most advantageous in the end..What is clear is that because of Clark's change of plan, Operation Diadem (during which the U.S. Fifth and British Eighth Armies sustained 44,000 casualties) failed in its objective of destroying German 10th Army and condemned the Allies to a further year of brutal combat, notably around the Gothic Line from August 1944 to May 1945..Major General John P. Lucas is reported to have once visited the set of one of Murphy's films and, while he greeted actors and crew, was forced to salute Murphy who had the Medal of Honor and Lucas did not - and then had his handshake refused by Murphy, who instead returned the salute and then simply walked away..Murphy later commented that "...too damn many good men died at Anzio and Nettuno because of that son of a bitch..I'm damned if I'll shake hands with him... the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players..They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts..Psychologists call him a sociopath...

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