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The courts and prison system are privately owned. In fact, the entire monetary system is a privately owned corporation.

MorgueOfficical said:

1:57 "If you are an artist and you want your art to be heard or seen you have to use these social networking sites. Realistically they are so popular you have to use them nowadays. And because they are PRIVATELY OWNED, you are NOT PROTECTED under freedom of speech. So IF THEY DON'T LIKE WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY, they can remove your content like that."

It's the same concept in the courts and prison system—both are PRIVATELY OWNED and you ARE NOT PROTECTED under the Constitution OR Bill of Rights so if they don't like what you have to say, they do what they will with you (like that!) Unless of course you are aware of what's going on and can mount an adequate defense. See below:

Taken from The Rape of Justice by Eustace Mullins:

"The fundamental problem presented by corporations is that corporations and free persons cannot co­exist in the same nation. The Constitution was written for free individuals, each being one person; the corporation cannot be one person, but is an aggregate person. The corporation is something which has attained immortality, something which is denied to all free individuals. The corporation ordains perpet­ual succession; it can sue and be sued; it can purchase gold, lands, and chattels; it can have a common seal; and it can make by-laws and appoint or remove members.

Because a corporation is not a person, it cannot have citizen­ship in a nation, or exhibit loyalty to a nation. A corporation therefore has no national loyalties, or any allegiance to national boundaries. However, the fundamental problem of the corpora­tion is that because it is not a person and because it can go to court to sue and be sued, this creates a situation in which legal positivism develops as a logical outgrowth of social activism, the Holmesian concept of law. As Roscoe Pound wrote, "There are no objective, God-given standards of law; since God is not the author of law, the author of law must be men." This is the dominant theory of our legal system­; God has nothing to do with the law—the Ten Commandments were never delivered—and the law is no longer concerned with persons, except as they come into conflict with the non-­person of the international law merchant, the corporation. When an American citizen goes into court, he is met by the mercenaries of the law solely to enforce the admiralty court person, the corporation, as epitomized by the ultimate corporation, the world central bank, against that American person. It is this fundamental conflict which has never been stated in the court. The corporation's legal representatives, the judges and the lawyers, are aware of who they represent, they never inform the citizen that they are functioning on the principles of the law merchant, while the citizen expects to be defended under the principles of the Constitution. The respected legal scholar, Bruce Fein, states, “ It is very disturbing if you have a secret law that is known only to the judge or the government." Washington Post, April 18, 1989. The entire purpose of this work is to inform you, the American citizen, of the existence of this secret law. It is no longer a secret, and you can mount an adequate defense.

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