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Originally Posted by zsymon View Post
These are my views on the eternal dual nature of Creation.. they are not
facts, they simply the conclusion me and my friends have drawn from our
combined spiritual experiences of many years. None of this comes from
any books, New Age lectures, occult texts or religious scriptures. None
of it is copied from any place or source in the world.
What do that mean? It's exclusive? Are you saying that there can be found no truths anywhere else? Why raise that point? Spiritual snobbery?

I want to explain the inevitability of the existence of duality as a core
truth in the Universe, one of the only absolute truths in existence. It is
absolute, because without it, the Universe can not exist in any way or
shape or form, as everything is pointless without evolution, without a
reason to exist, think, feel and act.
Are you sure that the existence needs trivial human concepts like think, feel and act? Maybe you fell that your universe can't exist with-out the absolute truth of duality?

I ask Merlincove to please not derail this thread like the previous one,
I ask that everyone who replies, considers all views as equal to the other,
so that we don't get stuck in arguments over who is right or wrong. If
you disagree, just state your own belief without attacking those of the
other.. without trying to convince others about who is right and wrong.
Can division end in unity?

All beliefs are subjective so it is an exercise in futility in trying to tell
people on a forum how wrong their beliefs are, they are no more wrong
than yours.. all views are equal, everyone has their own truth, and he
should be respected with that truth without being subjected to attacks
and attempts to persuade him to change his belief.
You keep saying that. Lets play with that. Lets say i was to say that yes there are predators (dark) and game (light), everywhere. Lets say there was no "unbalance" now as you claim. Light and dark in a symbiotic relationship. Then the predator and the game would be equally important, no? The murderer and the murdered just playing out their roles? This is duality, no? All is as it should be, no??
Asking someone to consider a different point of view is not the same as
calling someone's view incorrect, deceitful and dangerous. So I please
ask that all those who want to reply in my thread, to consider common
courtesy here. We will get nowhere if we keep derailing threads with
stupid arguments and ego joust festivals.

Apart from the first line about Merlincove, this is not directed at anyone
in particular.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, and will reply to them if they are written
in a respectful manner.. whether you agree with me or not. If everyone
would agree, debates would be pointless as well. Debates flourish if we
focus on the subjects neither party is absolute sure about.. that way
we can try and discover new possibilities and truths together.
Why start a new thread with a line directed to Merlincove?
Throw the last stone?


It's the interaction between Light and dark that is the catalyst for the
evolution of all souls and the Universe itself.
Ok, so now all have a purpose.

Say everything is in harmony, no negativity exists anywhere.. what is there
to learn, what is there to live for? You wake up in the morning, for what? If
the entirely Universe is in perfect harmony and nothing bad ever happens,
then what could possibly be the point of existence?
So here you justify suffering as a tool for growth, correct?

In this Universe, sure there are times where a Light soul incarnates a few
hundred times on a planet that is pure Light, without any negativity, but
after a while when the soul is rested, it will enter again the frontlines of
an invaded planet to help liberate it from a dark invasion.
Still in the larger picture this is only light and dark playing their roles, right? All good?

The Light is the Keeper of the Balance in the Universe, that is its purpose.
Darkness gives purpose for existence to the Light, and the Light, through
the Source of darkness and their internal strife, gives purpose to the dark
souls and their hierarchies.
So now their exists a hierarchy, where light is the master, right?
You say "their hierarchies", seems to me that you are suggesting that the universe is built around hierarchies, no?

Coming to an invaded planet like Earth, that is how we learn, that is what
gives our existence purpose. To be there for those who need us, to learn
how to practice unconditional love and compassion in the most dire and
difficult of circumstances.. that is how we evolve.
So it's basically a training ground? Still all is good in a game, right?

I darkness would simply be Light souls having lost the path to Light, where
would be the catalyst? More importantly, if the UNiverse started as a whole
unity, then how could Light souls possibly have lost the path to Earth? The
theory that Light souls become corrupted and that is negativity, makes no
sense at all, because there exists no catalyst to corrupt those souls in the
first place.
I would say that the answer to that question lays deep in the heart of every being.

Can one get to number 2, whit out passing number 1?

So a Universe of unity where all souls are the same, simply makes no sense
no matter how you look at it. There is no catalyst for evolution in such a
Universe, souls would have no reason to incarnate, they would have no
reason to exist.
Makes no sense to you. There are other ways to look upon it. No reason according to you.

That is not even including the energetic impossibility of a Universe with only
Light at its source. If you look at at night in the sky, what do you see? You
see darkness
.. without that darkness the Universe would just be a blank
page of nothingness where souls could not experience anything.
Can one see darkness?

Darkness gives purpose to Light, and Light gives purpose to darkness, always
keeping in mind that darkness is equally valuable and necessary than Light.
The Universe is like the duality of a coin, it needs two sides to exist, take
one side away and the coin would disappear into nothingness.
So they are equally valuable? Why are one put in charge to keep the balance then?

What would be the purpose of healing if no darkness ever caused wounds?
What would be the purpose of unconditional love if everyone loves you?
What would be the purpose of restoration if nothing gets destroyed?
What would be the purpose of forgiveness if no one ever harms you?
What would be the purpose of compassion if no one is ever in pain?
What would be the purpose of health-care if everyone was healthy? Obvious. There would be non.
Would that be a "bad" thing?

All the things that define us as Light beings, as beings of love and Light,
have no meaning without the darkness. And the only thing the darkness will
have left if the Light wouldn't exist, is self destruction and self annihilation,
they would wipe out the Universe and everything in it.. bringing Creation to
a point of nothingness again.
So the light needs the dark for meaning, while the dark needs the light to keep it in check?

This is the nature of duality, one of the only absolute truths in the Universe.
Duality is not an illusion, is not an inferior belief system that needs to be
transcended.. it is the core that makes up Creation itself, the Universe is a
place based on duality.
Can there be several absolutes?

The Creation of the Creator of Light and the Source of Darkness, is how it
all started. These both beings are at the base of duality. They are not all
knowing, as Creation itself
, once set in motion by the creation conscious
minds; but they gave birth to respectively Light souls and dark souls, and
ever Light soul on Earth who is sensitive enough to feel it, knows that he's
surrounded by darkness on this planet. But the most sensitive ones, feel
that the Light is restoring Earth to glory and health, and we are returning
Earth to only Light.
So there is one all knowing (creation) behind the two? So it started with unity?

Duality must not exist in everything, only on a Universal level, there are a
lot of planets and dimensions that are only Light or only darkness, but most
places are a mixture of Light and dark.. where the darkness tries to throw
off the balance by imposing itself through deception and brutality, and the
Light tries to restore the balance through love, healing and compassion.
Still one is no more valuable then the other, right?

The difference between Light and dark is that the darkness will invade the
solar systems of the Light, but the Light won't invade the solar systems of
the darkness
, and this creates an imbalance that would eventuallly disrupt
the Universal balance and undo Creation. That is why the Light is sttonger,
not better or more valuable, than the darkness.. so it can defend itself and
hope to restore the balance where it is in danger of being disrupted.
Ok so they are equally valuable. The light is stronger. The dark is less contained?

The goal of existence is evolution, the goal of evolution, is existence getting
more interesting, advanced, improved and expanded. There is no ultimate
goal where all this is going to. Eternal existence to allow all souls to enjoy
the perks of living in this amazing Universe for all eternity.
No soul can ever
be destroyed or permanently damaged.. not even by its own Creator, and
no soul ever returns to its Creator to dissolve and disappear or become one
with it again. We exist and incarnate forever, for all eternity.
Do you also mean dark-souls. Enjoying the perks of murdering, raping or bbq little white rabbits? Its basically a game of chess?

So there is a dark creator, and a light creator, correct?
Who created the creators?

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