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Originally Posted by tom bombadil View Post
I suppose my view of what being off grid is where one is totally independent.

Thats why I advocate the notion of having then POWER to dip in and out when one wishes.

Being independent is what most folk mean I think. I have independence if I have leccy at home and ask them to remove the meter and replace it with my own meter. Not the point though.
Off grid nowadays , because of the North Americans, has come to mean being non connected to the power companies. Being far from the madding crowd is finding somewhere where there IS no connection. So off grid there is about providing leccy and gas and phone and water, and waste etc.

My plan is to never be totally off grid. I like my coffee for one thing! And I am DAMMED if I can grow it here....but there is acorn coffee of course.

I also have a pension coming. I will be farming for cash. I will need to dip as I go.

Becoming independent is about 'not having to'! I am not forced or coerced into things and circumstances that I cant back out of.

There is a you tube couple that are close to my ideal. Off grid with Doug and Stacey.

Being off grid under my circumstance is simply not having a job where I work for the man.

I want a tractor. It might need fixing. Zero independence.
If I had horses? They need shoeing, and leather saddles etc. Less independence.
Horses and ropes. I can do that. Fully of grid.

Just a simple example there.

As time goes by, I am less likely to need outside help.
sounds good to me...pine needle tea is good. really. just a handle full of fresh needle steeped in the pot. no milk no sugar. tasty. lots of vit c and a

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