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Originally Posted by tom bombadil View Post
Let me put that four year thing to bed.

Yes its true that if someone has been living somewhere that has an address (mail delivered) then one has more chance after a 'period' of being 'allowed' to stay.

That changed a while back in that now, the councils has authority to grant the address and not the postal service. In some places, there seems to be a bit of confusion and one local office might grant an address for post instead of the council. So forget THAT aspect at the mo.

What folk do, is build the dwelling. Then build the livelyhood around the dwelling. When found out, one would apply for retrospective planning. It takes a long time to process the legalities of such (a couple or more years) and in the meantime one is proving the point of staying. And here we are talking of a home and not just a wood lodge or small cabin.

Look up Charlies place on the www. He built on his dads land. Was seen by a coincidence by a planing officer. He was told to demolish. Retrospective planning put in. A couple of years and an appeal later and he can stay.
Not as simple but do-able. I will look for a link. Here;
Follow the threads for ideas.
Yes, it was soooo close to the Lammas site. So yes, he had soooo much help. But therefore, YES a precedent is struck.
I think they used the one planet wales idea.

I would say to try and NOT hide on a local level. Be available to help others. Its is possible to do things you wish to which path to follow. Not an easy first step.

I suppose he had an advantage at the start if it was his dad's land.

Yeah I get what you say there.

Do you think the allotment idea has anything to it in terms of being worth a try? Definitely isn't something I've seen many people write about trying but I came across at least one.

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