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Originally Posted by matrix911 View Post
Then Not only are you ignorant of what your avatar symbolizes, but you're ignorant of the overwhelming EVIDENCE that supports the No real planes theory and TV fakery that you're clearly in denial of or haven't done any real research on.

so only a shill or someone with sheer stupidity would claim there's "no evidence".
I know exactly what my avatar symbolizes, but I fail to see how this automatically makes me a pagan, a witch, a shill or anything of the sort.

There is no overwhelming evidence for TV fakery.

Originally Posted by sidlittle View Post
I’ll help you out and give you three witnesses who claim to have been south of the south tower.

[SIZE="4"]1. Michael ‘ Oh my God, the plane just crashed into the building ‘Hezarkhani [/SIZE

Supposed diamond dealer who says he can’t talk about his video as the rights lie with CNN. Mind, you this information was gleaned in his chat’ with Jeff ‘shill’ Hill, AKA ‘shure’, so who knows what could be true? . For the record, I question whether, this entity Michael Hezarkhani actually exists.
So okay, maybe he doesnt exist. Or maybe he does, and he can't talk about his video because he no longer holds the rights, or doesnt want to be bothered.

I've yet to see anything remotely conclusive showing the Hezz video to be fake.

Originally Posted by sidlittle View Post
As for visual fakery’s 2011 and many people still believe the visual imagery represents a real plane. I have no idea how one could look at this time-lapse image below and conclude that the Hezarkhani film represents real footage of a nuts and bolts passenger plane about to glide into the south tower. It’s worse than Playstation.
And to me it looks perfectly real. Thats great if you think it looks a little CGI-ish. But thats not exactly evidence, is it?

Originally Posted by sidlittle View Post
Explain exactly how these are 'magically healing columns'

Yet again, nothing more that 'there is a small amount of doubt in this witness' and 'this looks cartoony to me'.
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