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Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
David talks about infinite love being the only way. If he was an angry person hen how could he reconcile these opposites?

Recorded mail would show the exact point where mail was going missing.

You should be thankful for the things you have. You clearly have a roof over your head, electricity and the internet, so I guess you have enough to buy food as well. Don't forget that some people don't have any of those things. I think that a lot of people seem to think we should have everything we want with no effort.

If you can't make any effort to get out of your negative mind state then you are lost. Blaming other people or the system won't save you.
Great post.

But let's not forget how easy it is to be tempted by the money lenders and their cheques for free.

Life is like a game of snakes and ladders but the elite have by and large removed the steps on the ladders.
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