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Originally Posted by greatestiam View Post
Is God’s plan on track? Were we created to be sinners?

Many think that God has a plan for all of us sinners, a perfect plan actually, to get as many of us into heaven as possible. Even all of us, if God is as perfect as some say he is. No God worth the title would have it any other way.

God's plan can never go off track or be fouled as that would show a weakness in God and his ability to plan perfectly.

The above being irrefutable, if there is a God and a plan, indicates that this reality is the best that Yahweh can accomplish?

It is interesting that scriptures say that to backslide is evil, while it ignores that if there is a plan in place, then the world is in it’s best possible form. Scriptures that show a backsliding God and world must be wrong.

Thanks to God’s plan, we are living in perfection. To think otherwise would be seeing God get a fail on maintaining the initial perfection of creation.

In the beginning, all was perfect. That perfection cannot be allowed to backslide if there is a God.

Do you see God as a backslider or a God whose plan is running along in a perfect way?

Sing the hymn with me of Adam’s sin. It says that Adam’s sin was a happy fault and necessary to God’s plan.

Were we created to be sinners?

Why are you making this about God instead of the people who really fuck the world up? Im quite sure that jews and christians have different views on what Adams sin actually was. The christians usually turn it into a sex thing, like everything else.
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