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Originally Posted by eurosianguy View Post
Money is not the problem in itself. Money is just another form of exchange. I rather have some bills in my pocket than having to carry around a big bag of turnips or whatever to barter with.

the problem is acces to resources as I see it, and how some big companies can end up with almost all of the resources like water food energy ect. and the bailouts of banks is a problem.

I can imagine a capitalistic system run in a fair way-

Another things is that not everything is about money- stop limiting your thinking that way. think in terms of abundance instead.

Abundance can come in many forms.

for instance, after a crisis in my live I moved myself and my dog to spain, the plan was to stay there 6 month or so and live of some money I brought with me.

I ended up being in Spain 7 years. I think I worked for cash maybe 30 days in all, the rest of the time I would do it in alternative ways.
Sometimes some of my non Spanish friends would have to go back to their native country for a while for what ever reason, and they would ask me to stay in their house and take care of it. So I stayed in houses like that most of the time there. I grew my own veggies and weed when possible. I would collect free water from a spring ( the natives did the same)

just an example of how its possible to be abundend without money
after world war 2 the countries with the biggest economies got together at the bretton woods and accepted the dollar as the world reserve currency

The US run by the rothschild-cabal federal reserve however abused this power and used their ability to print money to build up a powerful military which they used to benefit the zionist enterprise and expand the reach of the mega-corporations which the rothschild-cabal owned

Now the world is rejecting the dollar and this will see dollar reserves abroad flood back to the US market causing hyper-inflation. Also all the dark money that the globalists have stashed way after the printed trillions of dollars to enrich themselves will then need to be spent once they realise their fiat money is about to become worthless

They will then seek to spend that money into the economy causing a massive surge of money chasing the same amount off goods also boosting inflation

The value of the dollar will be wiped out

This will cause a crisis which the globalists will then seek to use to further centralise their power. They will offer an alternative globalised currency such as for example IMF 'special drawing rights' which they may turn into a digitised currency

It is as you say possible at this time for private individuals to transact in various ways however you can be sure that if the globalists are allowed to continue their march towards totalitarian power they will legislate in ways to stop you living outside of their system in the same way that they have legislated against off griders and against rainwater collection and other things
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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