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Money is not the problem in itself. Money is just another form of exchange. I rather have some bills in my pocket than having to carry around a big bag of turnips or whatever to barter with.

the problem is acces to resources as I see it, and how some big companies can end up with almost all of the resources like water food energy ect. and the bailouts of banks is a problem.

I can imagine a capitalistic system run in a fair way-

Another things is that not everything is about money- stop limiting your thinking that way. think in terms of abundance instead.

Abundance can come in many forms.

for instance, after a crisis in my live I moved myself and my dog to spain, the plan was to stay there 6 month or so and live of some money I brought with me.

I ended up being in Spain 7 years. I think I worked for cash maybe 30 days in all, the rest of the time I would do it in alternative ways.
Sometimes some of my non Spanish friends would have to go back to their native country for a while for what ever reason, and they would ask me to stay in their house and take care of it. So I stayed in houses like that most of the time there. I grew my own veggies and weed when possible. I would collect free water from a spring ( the natives did the same)

just an example of how its possible to be abundend without money
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