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Originally Posted by aura View Post
Its not rocket science though; money is represented in units, its merely an accounting system, one that is portable used to overcome the limitations of barter.

Are you saying automation is the end of an employment? If so, ask yourself this, do robots consume that which is produced? The industries will naturally adjust, even the machines require maintenance. See for example Japan. Where does the money come to fund a "minimum universal income"? If not from the same source has modern welfare. There's little difference, only a name re-branding that sounds better for marketing.
Money to fund a minimum universal income should obviously come from a redistribution of wealth (think 1%). In this day and age, it's becoming increasingly unacceptable to make people work for basic food and shelter. In a brighter future, people should not be worked to their grave but most would work for themselves in a cooperation system, labour in the essential industries would be highly valued and remunerated and people would have the choice of how how many hours they want to put in (now they mostly don't because bills). That would be just the beginning of eliminating slavery and all the evil associated with it.
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