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Originally Posted by aura View Post
Its not rocket science though; money is represented in units, its merely an accounting system, one that is portable used to overcome the limitations of barter.

Are you saying automation is the end of an employment? If so, ask yourself this, do robots consume that which is produced? The industries will naturally adjust, even the machines require maintenance. See for example Japan. Where does the money come to fund a "minimum universal income"? If not from the same source has modern welfare. There's little difference, only a name re-branding that sounds better for marketing.
I didn't say automation will eliminate the need for human labour. It will just significantly reduce it, to the point that many will not be able to get a job to put food on the table, while the owners of the machines amass all the wealth. Unless adjustments in the system are made fast, many will suffer, just wait and see.

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