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Originally Posted by iamhe View Post
Because Earth is Hell, there is always going to be some form of slavery system here. Funny thing is how the supposedly enlightened ones call it service or worse, downright profit from it and don't even see their hypocrisy.
Originally Posted by aura View Post
Its easy to blame the negative effects of money, "on money" itself, although to hold a disdain for money rather than its subverted nature is too simplistic.
“Two persons having an equal amount of money or an equal quantity of goods, wares and merchandise, cannot both make money out of each other. What one gains the other loses. This rule is true of any number of persons, nay, it is applicable to all of the individuals of a nation. It is only when there is an increase of the original capital that there is a legitimate object of commercial pursuit. It is the same when the amounts of original capital are dissimilar, the proportions must be maintained or there is trickery or injustice, not to say robbery.”

– Charles H. Robinson, “The Destruction of Poverty” (1898), p127
That's kind of a rocket science thinking (not). Of course a slavery based system is all about trickery, injustice, robbery and coercion. Gee, I wonder why no one ever mentions a max cap on income, besides a guaranteed minimum universal income (made possible by automation, machines and artificial intelligence). Let there be a comfortable minimum AND maximum cap on income and a free market in between. Then we shouldn't have people ego tripping over funding space programs while their fellow humans are starving to death. As for money being a tool for the evil, if it's not that, it's another, because slavery system, doh.
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