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Originally Posted by fluffyamethyst View Post
The Suppression of Fusion Power Generation by the Oligarchic Satanic, "Principle of Poverty"

Although the Oil Companies benefit greatly, their profit is akin to selling Illustrated Texts whilst Fusion Power Generation is the new Gutenberg - HUMAN INGENUITY AND CREATIVITY FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS HAS SOLVED EVERY RESOURCE PROBLEM.

The fact that billions of people are not now already benefiting from the beginnings of a fusion economy was entirely intentional.

The For ten Thousand Years the Pagan Satanists from Babylon have Continued to Steal Fire from Mankind as Zeus restrained and Punished Prometheus - ALL FOR CONTROL...

These Satanic Malthusians Demand Genocide
The fire worshipers of early Asia had the power over their peoples minds, they managed to brainwash the people into paying the priests who prayed for the sun to rise after an eclipse which they knew was coming.

How the same Priests of Apollo do it today is still the same kind of magic with high tech now being implements to take over the mind completely.

If they manage to do this we will be unable to solve any problems at all.

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