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Originally Posted by 1zenith View Post
Oh did he eat that GREY when he was outta body in THEIR realm?

OK well then, that is possible.

So YOU don't believe him either?? Well so he is still gay??

OR did it dissipate?? Well my aliens made me antihuman and antigay.

lmao Or maybe it is just my ascension.

I don't believe him if he is acting like he ate a physical grey hand while being totally awake in 3D . I KNOW they are NOT physical at all.

They can manifest as completely physical but they pose as human looking.

Well in one case at wal mart that thing did NOT look human. Mostly ape looking.

I did finally touch a 4D alien in physical form at the govmnt building i am in and he still felt totally physical. I touched his elbow. He posed as a black man as always 99% of the time.
If I scraped a piece off of his arm I wonder what it would show??
I suspect that is what d simms did with his aliens.
He thinks they are physical but they are not.

I could have easily gotten something from that alien at my bldng. DNA or whatever.

But he had to hurry and demanifest back to his original form in the other dimension.

They CAN manifest as physical for short period of time, but THEN , boom, they gotta go back to being ethereal outside of visible light.

I am not speaking from
my butt, I know from experience.

But now I realize after touching that alien that was probably a 4d reptilian protecting me. A person was given me a hard time. I could have gotten some weird physical sample off of him. My coworker also felt him. She knew it was anomalous incident.

I didn't dare say HE was an alien from another dimension.

Some aliens may be able to hold their physical form for quite some time. I do NOT know.

But from my experience about 7-8 minutes.
Another time in 2004, the being manifested twice over ONE hour. 15 minutes here, 5 minutes there. I know for a fact he was a 4d reptilian.

It was freaky as hell.

The being that came into my bldng a few months ago, I totally see a reptilian being doing that.
They are so human like.
Just like when a human does another human wrong, then another human goes after the wrongdoer.

But since he manifested in 'human' form, I totally see how he tried to act like a very nice human, and he did a great job, but in real life in his own dimension, I know what his personality would be like.
NOT quite THAT human.

He talked and everything. There are always clear signs when these beings manifest as physical and try to act human.
Very clear.
Hmm... interesting, zenith. What kimd of signs other than trying to act human? Surely there's more.
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