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Originally Posted by chilled View Post

I voted for the government I wanted in. I didn't vote for the government I wanted out.

It may have been a 'wasted vote' as others say, but to me it was standing for what I believed in and not pandering to corrupt political machinations that general voting encourages.

It's called standing up for what you believe in even if you're standing alone.

If that makes me a 'fuck' then I'm a 'fuck'.
But the General Election is a vote for an elected representative of your wants/needs in your constituency.

It is not a vote for which party "ru[i]ns" the country, identity, health, etc.

Why do all these jokers who claim to have your interests at heart align themselves with a political party?

How can a political manifesto of a party ever be a fit for local area's peoples' needs/wants.

Too much power at the centre.


But hey, I'm not registered to vote as I do not consent to be governed over.
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