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the sex and the city must have changed back, it's back to original again from google search, i have the complete boxset so if it changes back to sex in the city i will notice it.

also WTF on the interview with A vampire, i remember it being like that aswell.

also i've noticed a lot of glitches happening more often that i'm comfortable, i know i remeber download a watching a movie called edge of tomorrow, i didn't get a chance to watch it, but when i checked my hard drive the movie was gone and the move was re released again! 0_0 i have no proof but i know i definitely downloaded it to watch later.

also i was playing this computer game called the walking dead season 1 and there is a scene with clementine where she shoots a zombie in the head at a train station, i know i remember her doing it but when i played the game for the 3rd time that scene was completely gone, even searched youtube and the scene is missing.

my boyfriend will say stuff to me i know i don't remeber me doing aswell, i really do think the universe is changing or there is two universes merging together like there is two of me or of everyone existing in another universe that is why imo things disappear in my surroundings and then reappear later, i really do notice it more and more.
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