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Originally Posted by tortle View Post
Most people remember the Movie Interview with A Vampire

Now it has been 'changed' to Interview with the Vampire

Proof: Typing "Interview with" into Google brings up With A Vampire first in the auto fill search. Try it in Google quick before they adjust it.

I'm not sure who they are, it may even be us. I dunno.
So, I just happened to come across this post last week, and it has completely changed my life.

I know it was A vampire, and not 'the'.

googling it was a highly disturbing experience.

Most of all though was your second post about the Berenstein bears.

I didn't read them but we had them in our house and DEFINITELY EIN.

I am in total shock about the old copies spelled with ain.

history has been rewritten! but lots of people are aware of it.

I've been reading the mandela effect website, (and still am) also the glitch in the matrix on reddit. I have my own experiences too which I see fit into these categories and I feel a little less crazy for knowing I'm not alone.

I am still wondering what is going on, I think alternative universes is likely, though why do so many remember Berenstein? how come so many have switched into this world reality?

my mind is completely blown.

I asked a friend about the spelling and she remembers Ein, but then started to doubt her memory and is not interested in this subject. I can't imagine why anyone could be that uninterested in a huge thing like this, but thank goodness there are people in internet land to care.

Life will never be the same again.
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