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Originally Posted by kirkie View Post
Is none outraged by this?
You all have to realize what I've been telling you off and on all along. These elite still live by Roman times rules. In Roman times it was not uncommon for public baths to have all manner of such goings on. This was in public squares in Roman times and now its behind closed walls but the point is the behavior has not changed for this elite group of humanity. In Roman times it was not uncommon for soldiers to waltz into town throw off their gear hop in the bath and snatch up their boy slave and have sex with him as a pass around toy right there in public! It was not seen as unusual and in all likelihood there was more than another couple having some kind of sex in the bath anyways so no big deal that a young boys butt was being passed around from man to man as they were done with them. Sometimes it was a girl. Sometimes an adult that was a slave. It did not matter to them. Rape was so common it could be male, female, boy, girl or some of all and the behavior was considered as normal. After all wasn't Mary the mother of Jesus 14 when she conceived?

When dealing with the elite think Roman times. You'll understand them better.
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