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Hollywood = 1+3+6+6+2+4+3+3+5 = 33 (Reverse Reduction)

Seems like they might be playing a numeralogical game with these Hollywood stars.

tictactoe = 2+9+3+2+1+3+2+6+5 = 33

They use X's and O's in tictactoe(33), and both X and O equal 6. They are two of the letters most often used to make 66 and 666.

Maybe some of these stars end up dead at the end of the game, like Heath Ledger. Maybe Randy Quaid was right about 'starwackers'. Maybe they made two movies named 'deadpool' for a reason.

police = 7+6+3+9+3+5 = 33

Maybe that's what happened to Michael(33) Jackson.

Conard(55) Murray(33) was the doctor found responsible for Michael Jackson's death.
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