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A rather sad story about a bothy this time around.

An artist who embarked on a 100-mile walk across one of the remotest areas of Scotland to experience "what it is like to be alone" has died after being found cold and starving.

Margaret Davies, 39, who had a geography degree from Cambridge University, was barely alive when two shepherds found her on Thursday in an isolated walkers' bothy at Kearvaig, near Cape Wrath, on the north-west tip of the country.

She was airlifted to hospital in Stornoway in the Western Isles after one of the shepherds ran four miles to telephone for help. She died of hypothermia and starvation on Saturday.

Miss Davies, who loved to visit remote regions, set off by bus for Inverness from her home at Danbury, Essex, at the end of September. She planned to walk from Inverness to Cape Wrath, painting and writing along the way
this is why some of the bothies in the cairngorms were dismantled; people set off in bad conditions thinking that because there was shelter ahead somewhere they would be fine but sometimes they didn't manage to find the shelter or didn't prepare enough for the conditions they might have to face

folk often underestimate how fierce conditions can get in scotland

the problem with this is that more and more people (often from england) are getting into bother in the hills and then calling for help on their mobiles; this then overburdens the rescue services and the volunteer mountain rescue service; sometimes they are calling for help over minor things when in the past people had to live more in the spirit of self-sufficiency which has always been a big part of going into the hills

this has led to calls for a privatised rescue service eg helicopters which would then by funded by people having to pay for insurance to be able to go out into the hills; this would then threaten to price many people out of going into the wild places
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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