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Default The WU TANG CLAN Knew about 9/11 in 1997 - Compelling Proof inside

1st off i wrote an entire article, which ill link here:

There is a lot more there than ill post here, but that said i will put enough here to hopefully compel you to want to read the rest.

Ill start with the craziest fact & then work in a few smaller scale supporting coincidences (for lack of a better descriptive word)

Fact: WU TANG FOREVER was released exactly in the middle of the 2 seperate WTC attacks.

WuTangForever was released on June 3rd 1997 - This is exactly 4 years 3 months & 8 days after the 93 WTC bombing that occurred on 2/26/93

June 3rd 1997 was also exactly 4 years 3 months & 8 days BEFORE 9/11/2001.

A perfect balance.

A few supporting tidbits that are expanded upon further in the article.

1st: Wu Tang Clan VS World Trade Center - both WTC

2nd: Enter The Wu Tang ( 36 Chambers ) Wu Tang Clans classic debut album was released 11/9/93

3rd. When Wu Tang Forever released, it was accompanied by its first single & video TRIUMPH.

If you remember that Video ( a big deal at the time - it was a conversation piece & one of the biggest budget vids of its time ) youll know its 6 minutes if foreshadowing in a big way.

1st thing that happens is a Special News Bulletin where faux anchors tell us New York is under attack & that Ol Dirty Bastard is allegedely threatening to blow up an unnamed large NY skyscraper.


Its a "Gold Mine" but i suggest you watch the Vid on youtube & hopefully read my full write up.

Thank You.
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