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Originally Posted by peabrain View Post
I think you've had a cross over reading Apart from the birth month everything else can apply to me.
I have little elephants hanging by my front door if that counts, oo and got clobbered on the head by a large elephant ornament as a child, after knocking it off a dresser (was trying to catch my hamster)

I have Sectoral heterochromia in left eye. I worked as an entertainer in the community and club/pub circuit.

A close family member has one of those names.

Think I'm compassionate and suppose my life has not been easy. Unhappy childhood at times but not excessively so I guess.

Cheese, I love cheese can really make a meal of it.


If I told you I can tick two of your boxes which Joan correctly perceived for you, does that in any way lessen the validity of her assessment ? I myself am a cheese obsessive and have a thing about elephants from my cushion covers to reading Heathcote Williams Elephant poetry.

In other words, of five of those "triggers" two have hit me. I was just wondering how many triggers does it take before they inevitably hit the target somewhere down the line ?
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