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So Joan , do you think psychic ability is something for which we all have potential ? I always thought it was a "gift" allocated to a chosen few, or at least if we do experience it in our lives, maybe now and again, it is something beyond our conscious control.

I know for a fact if I concentrated or "homed in" on anyone on these boards, all I'd do is give myself a screaming headache...or come out with a tirade of wild guesses. I've had precognition and deja vu, like most people and the occasional "odd" experience (who hasn't ?). Beyond that, I don't believe my brain is evolved to psych out anybody.

As you say, the "nos and getting it wrongs" are all part of it, but by sheer law of probability, somewhere down the line, with enough erroneous guesses and mistakes, you're bound to get something right, sooner or later. That isn't being psychic, that's pure maths.
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