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Originally Posted by cosmic tramp View Post
I heard of one very famous in Manchester called Avril, a wizened old woman who smelt of dried wee. A far cry from the vibrant young dolly birds dressed up as Romanis who pulled it off with pure charm and esoteric sex appeal. Apparently this Avril had a reputation for freaking everyone out who came near her by knowing things about you she couldn't possibly have known and accurately predict things both good, bad and mundane which usually came true. No advance appointments to give her time to research, nothing like that. never got to see her myself, don't know if she's still around.
Avril Bray that was and her grandaughter Zara is still working as a medium.
Avril wasn't what you'd term a 'diplomatic' medium.
There's a tale told of a young couple who went to see her ( Avril charged a pound a head " and a bit o' silver for luck") after the wife's mother passed on.
Avril sits them down and says...
"He's playing away and so are thee lass."

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