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Originally Posted by grandmasterp View Post
Good call.
Stage mediumship is about 99% 'show' plus 1% mediumship and the audience by and large are in on the transaction. There to be entertained.
Platform mediums who serve Spiritualist churches work in a different way.
You'll get maybe five minutes 'philosophy' about Spiritualism and then three-quarters of an hour to an hour of mediumship. Hence a platform medium will 'go to' more people in the room during a session than a stage medium will during a show. Plus attendances are a lot smaller in churches so a far higher percentage of the audience will get something.
A platform medium is only as good as her or his last appearance and Spiritualist church booking secretary's tend to know each other ( there's a forum).
If the church wasn't happy with a medium then word soon gets round and that medium isn't booked again.
The fact that some Platform Mediums have been serving Spiritualist churches and centres for many years indicates that their 'audience' is happy with the standards of survival evidence that those mediums facilitate.
That's Entertainment !

Another thing I meant to add in to my initial screed is that with a bit of auto suggestion the audience does half the job for the medium, as you say it's transactional, they get validation, acceptance, catharsis even, he gets £16-£18 per ticket. Job jobbed.

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