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Originally Posted by cosmic tramp View Post
Just by way of a slight intermission here, I once won a pair of tickets to see "Medium" Stephen Holbrook live at Ossett Town Hall. I came away feeling totally disenchanted and disaffected with the whole notion of mediums. In my opinion, charlatan being too polite a word.

Oozing with charm, trendy attire, stage presence, self deprecating wit, gags and audience charming bonhomie, it was like a one man show, where he had them all eating out of the palm of his hand, as he would at various points, punctuate the humour, go all solemn and serious, regaining connection with his so-called "spirit guide" on stage and throwing out suggestive "trigger words" to the audience e.g. "I'm getting Toby, Tony, Terry, ..." up go the hands .... "Yes Madam ? Your husband's name was Trevor ? TREVOR !! That's it Trevor, bit of interference from the spirit guide there, sorry madam... I'm now getting dog....train..." ( apparently there's about 200 such trigger words used by mediums with which we can all associate , most of us having some connection with dogs, trains, houses, accident, cat, money or whichever universal noun comes to mind to lead you down the garden path).

So...he wove it, embellished it, much to the joy of many weeping, recently bereaved, misguided people so to each one he picked out, it all made at least some semblance of sense with a little prompting on his part (and visually weighing up the member of the audience). Very skillful and very convincing to all but the most discerning. Me. I think I was the only one in the hall who did not raise their hand to any of the "trigger suggestions" as he eyeballed me intensely towards the end, bombarding me with various real names, place names, colours, smells, body parts, objects etc. etc. none of which applied.

It's like a contagious form of mass hypnosis, once he'd convinced the first few members of the audience he'd been in touch with 'the other side'
everybody else eagerly shot their hands up at his suggestions and followed suit so readily as an excited 'buzz' descended around the entire room.
I found it odd that all the other side' contactees' had only good news to pass back . Never bad. Spirituality meets family entertainment.

At the end of it all I just thought," 9 out of 10 for showmanship, 1 out of 10 for psychic ability." I left feeling very depressed at what I'd just witnessed, as a circus ringmaster had had folk jumping through psychological hoops without even realising it.

Now...along comes Joan and gets it pretty much spot on first time round with a few people on here. Whatever she's read of what I've written on these boards could not possibly have led her to the accurate conclusions she's reached about my current situation. I would therefore be bold enough to assert that she is, in my opinion, genuine.
Good call.
Stage mediumship is about 99% 'show' plus 1% mediumship and the audience by and large are in on the transaction. There to be entertained.
Platform mediums who serve Spiritualist churches work in a different way.
You'll get maybe five minutes 'philosophy' about Spiritualism and then three-quarters of an hour to an hour of mediumship. Hence a platform medium will 'go to' more people in the room during a session than a stage medium will during a show. Plus attendances are a lot smaller in churches so a far higher percentage of the audience will get something.
A platform medium is only as good as her or his last appearance and Spiritualist church booking secretary's tend to know each other ( there's a forum).
If the church wasn't happy with a medium then word soon gets round and that medium isn't booked again.
The fact that some Platform Mediums have been serving Spiritualist churches and centres for many years indicates that their 'audience' is happy with the standards of survival evidence that those mediums facilitate.

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