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Default Electronic Telepathy Lie Detector

I believe these technologies have the potential to do a great amount of good, or be used to impose a police state beyond any of our wildest dreams... How will mankind implement these technologies?

In the video I cover Electronic Telepathy Lie Detectors and much more. Read the synopsis for the notes

Electronic Telepathy Lie Detector (Approx. 4 min.)

Synopsis/Video Notes:
-"An electronic telepathy lie detector is 100% accurate."
-Tracking of Thoughts and What Electronic Telepathy can do in that department
-Electronic Telepathy AI inputing a thought and carrying out remote neural monitoring to gauge a reaction(which can be used as a lie detector or for covert interrogation)
-Covert Black Ops Using Electronic Telepathy Technologies
-Electronic Telepathy Tech used in the Court Room of the Future
-These technologies are a pedophiles kryptonite/nightmare
-Electronic Telepathy tech can be used to determine guilt or innocence 100% (unless perhaps some sort of cybernetic fraud has occurred, which in my experiences can be detected to some degree with mental diagnostics)
-Shadow Government/Cabal have perfected human related mind technologies more or less
-Potential Glimpse into the Future; Cybernetic Fraud: Implanted Memories, Deleted Memories, etc
-Government and Military Contractors could be the biggest perps of Cybernetic Fraud in the Future
-Cybernetic Fraud can take place with current lie detectors to frame people or hide guilt
-Laws Needing to be looked at long and hard when these techs(thought surveillance) come into the forefront, and my opinion is we should not have a system of actual thought police enforcing all of mankind’s laws……. which i’m sure is what some out of touch government lunatics will want to do in the future.
-These technologies can be used for a very severe police state(much more severe than people have dreamt up so far from what I’ve seen), and that is probably in the shadow government’s plans/desires

Electronic Telepathy Lie Detector Article, By Omnisense

These technologies are currently being weaponized against the world population.
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