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Originally Posted by supertzar View Post
Sure, it is fascinating. He maps states of consciousness with a +/- system and details his flotation experiences. He talks about ECCO/ET contacts during LSD and ketamine trips in the tank. I read it as part of a self-education program consisting of reading everything I could get my hands on regarding psychedelics before I took my first acid trip. It inspired me to go to a float center that was in my town in the late 80's which was amazing.
Sounds interesting. I'll be on the look-out for it. Checked the net for a pdf version, couldn't find one, but did come across this one of his

I've tried a floatation/sensory deprivation tank a couple of times - without drugs though. Still enjoyed the silence, the darkness and the feeling of being weightless.

I kind of regret not doing drugs back when I was young enough for it to have a proper impact. These days I'm just too jaded for it to matter.

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