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Originally Posted by alf hearted View Post
Interesting stuff, but re this -

It's not as if the vast majority of people take part in such barbaric acts. Most people go their entire lives without physically harming anyone.
Nowadays, yes - in lovely North-Western Europe yes. But you don't have to go very far back in time - or go very far abroad, before each and every family, in some way or another is marked by war. We (the lovely north-western europeans etc) are also marked by constantly hearing about it. It is still one of the greatest fears out there, as evidenced by the msm's obsession with it. Don't think that just because you only hear about war in the news, that it doesn't affect your life and mind in many ways.
War has been part of the human condition so long, we are all marked by it.

But yes - he is a bit too casual for comfort with those things… Have you read his father's (the head of 'a big banking system') approach to 'emotions', though? This may go a long way to explain the glibness…?

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