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it was like this right.. when I was very young, I used to have this reoccurring dream of being chased down a tunnel, just like in star wars 2, where luke is being trained by the yoda.

Anyway one night I was running a long for my life, but then I thought about what I was doing, so I just turned around and killed the monster myself. From then on a whole world of new dreaming opened up. Yes sometimes there would be fears but I conquered them. Now for some reason this world is forever challenging that resolve built over conquering these fears, whether they are new ones acquired or a result of programming (both I believe), there is a lot of stuff that affects our waking and sleeping lifes Perhaps if I was allowed to walk this world like I walk the dream worlds things would be different here, but imo whatever negative effort is occurring to people everywhere is to stymie such a thing on a regular basis or to foster it. Can't rule that out. I either have had some traumatic past lifes or carry some genetic trauma that runs deep that effects me seriously.. again that could be all programming, but suppose that would mean that everything is an implant and we're totally powerless, and seriously limiting beliefs like that im trying to avoid like the plague. Couple that with a sensitivity to emotions, EMF and other such stuff which trigger neg, and it's easy to get stuck into negative loops where you interpret most things as negative and the only thing positive is an escape of thoughts no matter how potentially negative (eg people who kill themselves etc).

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