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I agree with most you wrote. Your obviously very smart. All im saying is we are all under extreme attack now! Cos we are so weak, in a deep collective sub conscious dream. Not really interested in your thread about child abuse. Cos we are still being abused as adults. Its obvious we are sick with all our symptoms, but Fck the victims, we need action. Our sub conscious collective (with its so called “values” ) are constantly invading our souls. We are flawed with emotions like love. So we have to learn how to use emotions like tools. If we connect and channel our emotions correctly, we can overcome many of our flaws. But this requires pealing back many layers of yourself.

And then you can “step back” from the collective Suggestive world we are living in, and defend, and even use skillful action on our sub conscious. We need more wolves right now, who are not afraid to make mistakes

Imo that’s combining the conscious with our sub conscious
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